Anchor Bridle Thimbles

Beginning of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

This is our old snubber (Sea-Dog Chain Gripper Plate - Stainless Steel). We had it spliced up with the thimbles at Sailing Supply in San  Diego.

Spun thimble.

As you can see the thimbles spun around under load. As we have found out the thimbles should be clamped together so there is no space at the end and then welded. Then when there is stress on the line they will not contract and spin. At least that is what we have heard and the new Mantus Anchor Bridle is made much better. The thickness of the SS thimble is also much nicer.

The old one is not as thick and robust
as the Mantus Anchor Bridle thimble.
As you can see we cut the ends off the old bridle
as we made a mistake and got the line too big.

It is too large for our boat so it does not stretch. We will make up a new bridle for backup as we have the hardware (Sea-Dog Chain Gripper Plate - Stainless Steel)..

We must be doing anchoring right as we never drag! Our 45 lb CQR with the 3/8 BBB chain and bridle hold us fine even when short-scoped. We do not hop in our dinghy and go ashore right away. We usually take a shower on the boat as we have good shower gear in the head and relax and check the rode and relax. We have gone through our anchoring procedure in previous posts and that has not changed. Our CQR sets about every time the first time and we have held strong in some heavy blows and powerful waves with a lot of energy. So far we are very happy with the Mantus Anchor Bridle.

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