Ventura 150 200T Deluxe Water maker gets some leaks fixed

Middle of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Our Spectra Ventura 150  200T Deluxe Water Maker developed a few leaks. One was particularly troubling as it was really hard to get at.
Behind this panel, in behind the yellow knob there is a leak. There are also a couple small leaks elsewhere but rather easy to fix. But that is never a sure thing.
Debbie, the water girl starting the removal of the bracket
that holds the pump [behind which is the leak] and the charcoal filter and valves.

Re-positioning the hoses from the bracket.
This hose that goes to the charcoal filter is attached to the fresh
water system of the boat. We need to plug it so we can use the fresh
so we have decided to install a valve to make it one step easier.

Hose plug we use.
Ok Debbie got the bracket off and there is the leak!  Not an easy place to get to.
We took out the old white fitting which we had a spare straight one and replaced it. Then we cut a piece off the hose and re-attached the hose. All not that easy but we got it done.
Removing the hose clamp.
Removing the hose. We had to be careful
not to melt the wiring and other objects in the way.
Tricky spot.
Cutting hose with scissors.
Here is the leak in the back of the bracket.

The old plastic white hose barb is shaped like an egg.
No tightening of the hose clamp will stop this leak. These hose barbs really are crap. We just have not been able to find any replacement with the same thread and size, mostly five eighths.
The bracket with filter and pump is now back installed with leak fixed!

Ok Debbie is now working on the second leak.
This one goes to a L shaped hose barb that we do not have a spare for.
So Debbie wrapped plumbers tape around the barbs and then re-attached the hose. That fixed that till we can get some replacement hose barbs in the US at the Spectra Ventura 150  200T Deluxe Water Maker dealer.
Ooopps a bad hose clamp. Broke apart when we went to tighten it.

Ok another dumb thing to our thinking.
This white special valve that attaches to the Spectra Ventura 150  200T Deluxe Water Maker is made of paper thin plastic in the middle portion of it. The idea here is the white valve has a check valve in it to prevent the waste water from coming back into the water maker. Also it is a quick release [the gray button] for inserting a hose for pickling the water maker. The place where it is paper thin of ours cracked. Do you think there is a place handy in Mexico to get one, or even the US. Not a chance.
Got to be a dealer special order deal. So we taped it up best we could and it is working. Hopefully we can get the season out of it. We also braced the hose attached to it better.
 Now we are back in business and will be making another bigger spares list.
 s v Kitty Toes with Mike and Elizabeth let us rummage through their hose fittings and we found this one by Watts. This means we may be able to order these online and not need a Spectra Ventura 150  200T Deluxe Water Maker dealer such as  [Daily in San  Diego].

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