Beta Stop Solenoid re-connected and heater hose secured

Middle of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Got some more engine maintenance done. We re-fastened the water heater hose that comes out of the engine and runs to the water heater. As it comes out of the engine there is a check-valve then the black water heater hose. You see it taking a bend away from the engine and running along the engine space bulkhead. 

Water heater hose running along just below LED light.

The "Stop Solenoid" we disconnected when we had trouble with the Beta engine.
We started it when we first got back to Mexico this last Winter and it ran for 10 min and stopped. To troubleshoot the electric, we disconnected the "Stop Solenoid" at the suggestion of Beta support. Now to re-connected we had to find ground. Not easy as the wires are tucked in behind other items. So we dug out the wires and found ground. Marked it for future reference and re-connected the "Stop Solenoid". Now the Beta engine will stop when you press the "Stop" button on the engine control panel. We were using the emergency manual stop while we trouble shouted the engine and found it was a fuel problem. We found about the only way a diesel engine will stop running is if it runs out of fuel!! (Explanation in a previous post about the fuel problem we had.)

Got the "Stop Solenoid" plug out.

 Marked it "Ground" with black marker.
 Put the wires back and wire tied it all up.
All done and put away.
"Stop Solenoid"

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