Removed chain bracket from anchor locker - new angle grinder

Beginning of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 This chain roller bracket came with the boat and was for the original windless which the original owner installed. It was a quality build and we tried every way possible to use it but we just do not need it. It does take up some good anchor locker space and is a knuckle cracker when cleaning the chain etc.

 Now with the new angle grinder it will come off. We tried to get the bronze access port open to remove the nuts but we could not budge the cover. We did at one point have the access port open when we removed the bow pulpit and installed new anchor rollers. It will not budge now se we moved on to cutting off the bracket. We tried with the Dremmel tool but we were braking too many blades and it was taking forever on one screw. The angel grinder is a nice tool for cutting chain etc. on the boat.

The new angel grinder we purchased form Home Depot.

We also got some cutting blades, masks and safety glasses.

The one side came off no problem but not the rest.
I wanted to cut the SS bolt heads off but the grinder
would not fit in close enough.

Got the head to cut off the long bracket and now piece by piece 
I cut off the rest to make room for the grinder to fit by the screws.

With the cutting wheel on the grinder worn down and the bracket cut enough
there was room to get the grinder in to cut off the SS screw heads.
Port side of the bracket is off!
The angle grinder really made short work of this although a mess.
This will get cleaned up more and we will either put screw heads
 into the holes or fiberglass them up to prevent water from getting in them.
Under the anchor shank is our chain stopper.
The chain hook was attached to the bracket we removed. Soon we will cut a piece of chain and use it to connect the chain hook to the anchor chain by way of the SS cleat. We like to have a couple of ways to secure the chain without it putting a strain on the Lewmar H3 anchor windless.
Got some room to maneuver now and without getting dinged up.

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