Went to the Mazatlan Chandleries\big boats- shrimp boat stuff etc. (Part 2-4)

Beginning of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
At the "Parque Bonfil" in Mazatlán old harbor

Our first stop was P.M.A. looking for 3\8 double braid line.

The order desk.

Couple of big outboards.
Karen from s\v Solitary Bird went with us.
She actually found a small amount of net she bought for her boat.

I am trying to find something small!
It's all big stuff.

Fishing\shrimping nets.

More nets.

Blocks and wood blocks.

Big wire by floor.

Big hooks and other rigging\fishing gear.

These are all different sized shackles.
Large shackles on the floor
We did find these net buoys at P.M.I. and we are using one
for the Mexican cleat for the Kayak and one for our stern anchor rode end.

We can toss off the stern anchor if we need to and use the davits and retrieve it later. We will get a couple more of the bigger ones for a stern anchor marker where we attach a line to the stern anchor so we can pull it up with the dinghy or even kayak or paddle board. We are talking about our small Fortress stern anchor. The larger Fortress stern anchor is not so easy to get free by hand, we have tried in Zihuatanejo with no success on the bigger Fortress (16). Maybe next time we can work it better using the bow of the dinghy but for now we want to try this smaller Fortress so we can maneuver it around with just the kayak. Otherwise we have to back up on it with the big boat.

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