Main sail back on the boom and new reefing lines

End of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

We have no sail cover, no sail, no Lazy Jacks.
We got the Lazy Jacks up when we had the mast cleaned and polished.

Debbie getting the boat ready for the main sail.

The main is up and the stack type pack is on.
We lubed the sail slugs with Mc Lube as we went.
The sail cover needs some re-sewing
 as the zipper is coming apart in a few locations.
New five eighths reef lines next to the seven sixteenths reef lines we had.
The old ones were way too big and thus hard to handle going through the sail and sheaves on the blocks. Plus they were heavy making the main harder to raise with the other issues.
New and old reef lines.
 You can see the new reef lines on the boom.
We have tested them [at the dock] and they work great.
Still a bit long but we are waiting for a shakedown cruise
coming up soon before doing final cut off.
Here you see a sail tie and the main halyard.
We will sew a couple straps on the sail cover
to hold the halyard. It has been a good spot
for keeping the halyard while at anchor.

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