Went to the Mazatlan Chandleries/big boats- shrimp boat stuff etc. (Part 4-4)

Beginning of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

At the "Parque Bonfil" in Mazatlán old harbor

At the last marine store the person gave Debbie directions to another and the last one.
It was on our way back and we walked. It was said to be past the last building and then before the railroad tracks take a left and go down that road. As usual it was kind of correct. The road before the RR tracks and the one on the other side of the RR tracks was more of a dirt trail. Also we have seen most RR tracks here do not have crossing guards or lights. The train comes and blasts it's horn and just keeps on going blasting past the crossing. Anyway, we walked down the side of the tracks and this diesel shop was there.
 We were a couple miles from the marina and crossed the tracks on a busy road. Just past the tracks a freight train came around the corner. It blasted its horn a bunch of times and just barreled through the road. No crossing guard or lights. The traffic just knew to stop and wait. There we people on top of the freight cars and we were waving at them and they waved back. Looked like a fun ride!

Diesel shop.

Then we crossed the tracks by a lot with parked cars in it
and saw the shop in the distance. Karen crossing the tracks.

Debbie and Karen. We walked down the tracks towards the shop and then across the field.

Down the tracks.

You can see the shrimp boat yards to the left with the cranes in the distance.

Shop is in the graffiti'd building.

Shrimp boats yard behind wall.

Ok, at the store.

They had some of this and that but nothing we were looking for.

This and that.

More of that.

And more.

Karen and more stuff.

How they determined the inventory is a mystery but they must know their customers.

Rain gear and summer wet suit.

Ok no 3\8 line here.

Then we crossed the bridge and took a bus to the "Centro Market" for lunch.

Looking into old harbor from the bridge we are crossing.

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