Wiring up the davit winch

Middle of August 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

The instruction.

We added a switch, a 30 breaker switch. Just to make sure the winch would not take off on it's own and rip the transom out of the dinghy.

The remote control and a 30 amp breaker.

The control box. 
This magic box allows the winch to be controlled by the remote. It gets the winch  to go forward or backward.

The winch mounted on the starboard davit.

We did a bunch of re-wiring to some items on the stern. 

The stern light and the cockpit fans were two of them. We also added a Wifi antenna and a GPS antenna to the davits. All these wires including the winch wires had to be run down and through the sten cam cleat. Debbie found a way to get them all through there.

Below are some of the wires being snaked an wire tied through the laveretts.

And there she is! Debbie is now wiring

Nice job Debbie!

These are #8 awg wires going from the winch to two buses behind the nav station. 

The buses go to the house AGM battery bank. I measured wrong or got short wired on the amount when we purchased the two wires so we had to add a few feet.

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