More varnishing and freezing it

End of August 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

The prepping of the area around the drawers in the storeroom. The prepping is not easy at times and it is summer so it is HOT. Cold put on the AC but we are in and out so much while working it is a pain to open and close thongs up. Wa Wa

Prepped but not taped yet. This area around the drawers will be satan.


.This could have been the last coat on this cane door between the hanging lockers but Careli the hose housekeeper decided she needed to touch it to see if it was wet!  :)

Why do people need to do that? It was going to need a finishing coat any way because of some hairs from the through away brush got in in it. Last coat we will use a sponge brush.

Nice spot to varnish. The drawer and small door on on their second coat. We have seven pieces we are varnishing from the stateroom right now, took on a lot. 

Next is a coat on this hanging locker door.

It is all prepped but we ran out of varnishing energy.

A nap was in order of things.

We are still working our way around the galley peninsula on the salon side. Next is in-between the slides for the salon table.

Being off the boat but having it at the private dock makes it easy to do these varnishing projects as we are not using the area, Maybe easy is not the right word, convenient would be better.

 Then this area will finish off the peninsula

To keep the whole can from getting contaminated we started putting some varnish in this small plastic drink cups. 

We use these any way for varnishing but now we pre-freeze the goss in the plastic cups. Then we can just deal with  a cup full if something happen or filter it to another cup instead of the whole can. Containers the size of the can are also problematic obtaining them here. In San Diego we would go tot he paint store and buy new empty cans for the varnish. Not s easy here..

Got some energy the next day and got the almost final  coat on.

The top where my hand is needs some touching up and there are a couple of lovers that need a another coat and then the whole door will need a last coat with non freezer (thinner) varnish. Just some sanding with wet #400 will do it for prep work. Now on to the next door. It is needing a couple more coats. These are a lot of work!

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