Fresh water rinsing for pumps, HVAC etc.

Beginning of August 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay Mexico

Debbie​ and I just installed our fresh water flush for our anchor chain wash down and our Mermaid 5200 btu HVAC unit. Next (and last) is the Mermaid 12000 btu HVAC unit. We have already done the Beta 38 hp diesel engine. Just close one valve and open another and it will send fresh water through the selected item.  The fresh water from our tanks goes right from the thru-hull so it goes through the sea water strainer and pump and all lines. No more funnels and disconnecting hoses with the heat gun when we leave the marina to go cruising to pickle the HVAC or come back. One more of life’s little make-it-easier projects. If we should stop at a marina for a day or two and want A/C then just an easy turning of a couple valves cleans out the item again. We also moved and have installed bleeder valves for easy pump bleeding. Life is good :)

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