Washing down our anchor rode

Beginning of August 2015 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Here is our new 125' of Acco 3\8 BBB chain spliced to our 8 plat line. 

But we have not measured it yet so we will see if it is 125' for sure :) The new chain  Jorge at the SYS chandlery at Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay brought downd from San Diego for us, we purchased it from Jorge.

 Lewmar recommends the Acco 3\8 BBB chain for the Lewmar H3 windless gypsy.

 Jorge at the SYS chandlery at Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay got it the splice done. The splice to the chain with the 8 plat Lewmar line is nicer than the one we got done in San Diego. This one will fit through the gypsey better. The one from Rigworks in San Diego is too fat and does not go through the gypsey well. The splice here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was $25.00 USD and the one in San Diego at Rigworks cost $80.00 USD. So there is the labor differance, and the one here is nicer!

Washing the rode setup.

After washing and drying it needs to be all re-marked.

Inch by inch it goes. 

We will have this all in the boat soon so the dead sea life (does not sound right) and sand ect is getting washed off.  Next season we will probably not use much of the rode because of the new chain is long enough for most of our anchoring needs.

Our view while rode washing.

We put the bottles on our dock lines to help keep the iguanas off the boat. So far no iguanas on the boat :)

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