End of August 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Here you see the section of the galley peninsula 
on the salon side we have done in satin...three coats.

The section by the mirror we did in satin.

This got a bit ugly as I contaminated the varnish by using a dirty brush. 

This was the last coat here but will need to have another "last coat" when I filter the can of varnish. I was freezing the can and then pouring some out into a container. Then the leftover I was pouring back into the can. Because it is expensive here I do not want to waste any. Because it is thick as it is not quite frozen it cannot be filtered. So we need to defrost the can and filter it and then we can re-freeze it. Containers are the problem.

This in the stateroom - needs a last coat.

Still in the stateroom - needs a last coat too.

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