Got the positive buss finally wired up!

Beginning of August 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

We opened up the house batteries (four 6-volt Master Volt Marine battery) so we could disconnect the Lewmar H3 windless power before disconnecting the H3 from the breaker. It is going to the machine shop.We decided to clean the battery terminals (they did not need it after all) and connect up the last Blue Seas PowerBar 600A BusBar to the house battery bank. This allowed us to remove some cables from the other Blue Seas PowerBar 600A BusBar. I think there should only be three connections per stud.

The buss wired up.

This only took years to do :) First, a year or two to install it and then a year or so before we wired it up. Life of a cruiser :)

Debbie and I have done all the wiring on s\v Elegant'sea and installed the batteries etc so we know what and where.So far - it has been some years now - all is working great and no shorts or power failures. Our batteries are charged most of the time and rarely fall below 70%. Things must be right then, right? :)

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