Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL - Installing mast bracket P 4 of 4 - 2018

Here we are attaching the Garhauer RIgid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL 
to the boom on our Islander Freeport 36 sail boat s\v Elegant'sea.

Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang - Part 2
Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang - Part 1
March 2018 - Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
  We had the pad eye welded on to hold one 
of our Harken Big blocks for the main sheet
I used some blue tape to hold the boom bracket in-place.
 I drilled and tapped the first hole and put the screw in. 
This we have blogged about earlier.
The middle screws are actually supposed to go in the most forward bracket holes.By that piece of blue tape. Garhauer's instructions are to put the screws in the middle holes and test for fit again. This way it can be moved for or aft if need be. I did this and I was correct in that the vang lined up best with the screws in the forward most holes.  
So I moved the bracket back towards the stern and then put the screws in the holes with the red arrow.
 The holes I drilled were done with the bracket on the boom. 
That is, I installed one screw into the bracket and then drilled a pilot hole for the next screw. Then removed the bracket and drilled and tapped the opposite screw. Then I put up the bracket and had to re-tap the screw while I just drilled because of the angle was off. So to get the screws all to fit in the holes I drilled the other four screws holes with the bracket in-place on the boom. Tapping them with the bracket on. Not the best way to do it but that way I got the screws to fit into the bracket and into the boom. Just a weird geometry of the bracket and boom angle for some reason.
 I later changed the shackle on the Harken Big block to a shorter one.
The Garhauer RIgid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL is now holding up
 the boom without the help of the topping lift.

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