Banderas Bay, Lewmar H3 windless: drop chain and CQR test - 2018

Lewmar H3 Anchor Windless drop chain test to untangle the chain.  Dropped a 100 feet of 3\8" chain and 45 lb CQR anchor straight down in 270' of water.
This was a "Dead drop" weight test. The Lewmar H3 windless pulled the chain and anchor back up, no problem. That, in turn, removed all the twists in the chain. I also used the wash down to clean the chain and anchor with fresh water. I usually use fresh water to do the wash down when we anchor because we have a Spectra Watermaker 200T Deluxe water maker so fresh water is not a problem. I have dropped it down before to un-tange the chain but never 100'.

The chain was jumping around in the gypsy on the way down as the tangles came up out of the chain locker. Also the bow roller was vibrating while this was going on. All strong stuff so no problems. Now we want to go do another cruising season...a long wait as we will be put up s\v Elegant'sea for Hurricane season.

May 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 Next time we will try for 100 feet of water depth to drop the anchor and chain or there abouts. That is just in case something goes bad we have more options than in 270 feet of water.

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