Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang measurements P 2 - 2018

To get the Garhauer RIgid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL measurements we had to understand the process. 

So right off it is not an exact thing, the measurements.  At the moment we have a makeshift rope boom vang installed.
Incase you missed it:
Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang - Part 1

April 2018 currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico (by Puerto Vallarta)

First we had to move the mainsheet. The main sheet went from the deck block straight up to the boom and then back to the Harken Traveler 5.1. We had to change that angle to follow the boom vang. It is not as nice because it does not have as nice of a fair lead back to the boom blocks. We can possibly change this when we get the solid boom vang mounted. You can see this in the picture above.

New angle shown to underside of the boom for the mainsheet. 
This will be changed to not such an angle.
These are the different angles to the Garhauer RIgid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL we are exploring. Debbie would take the measurement from the mast to the point on the underside of the boom where the vang would connect. Then the measurement from the underside of the boom using a straight edge to the bottom area of the mast where the vang would connect. Then with those two measurements she could figure out the vang angle.
Anywhere between 35 degrees and 45 degrees will work fine.
A: 32 degree angle
B: 45 degree angle

The boom is at the end of the traveler on the port side.
There is about 2 inches of clearance from the boom to the solar panel.
Two inches is fine for clearance.
The boom, this time, is with the main sail raised.
The topping lift loose.
The outhaul is all the way back. (if we loosen the outhaul the boom falls).
We are pulling down on the boom. This all means with the solid boom vang installed the boom will not drop lower. If we slacken the outhaul the boom will not drop if the solid boom vang is installed.
This is a picture of a Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL installed on s\v Hajime.
They attached a main sheet block to the top of the boom vang below the boom for a better fair lead back towards the traveler. Their boom vang line is led aft to the cockpit.
We went to Home Depot an looked at solder as that is what Garhauer recommends to make a template of the mast and boom. It was way expensive at Home Depot so we opted to use some SS bailing wire. Mark at Garhauer has the mounting plates for the Islander Freeport 36 as there are some that have already installed the Garhauer solid boom vang. Our 40 year old boat probably has the original mast and boom. However just in case something is off we sent (emailed) Mark the pictures to see if we are in the ball park.
Our measurement totaled 49 inches from boom to mast.

Debbie is going to visit the US for her birthday. She will be seeing her sister and our brother-in-law and our daughter  grandson and sun-in-law. Also Debbie will bring back our solid boom vand an some small items. She will not be using any check luggage but for the boom vang so items need to fit in the carry on or boom vang box.

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