Our teak cockpit grate gets a coat of Teak Wonder - 2018

To get this I had to clean it up. 
This is a coat of Teak Wonder on the cleaned-up teak cockpit grate.

Teak wonder seals the teak and still keeps it non-skid, not like varnish which makes it slippery, especially when wet.
May 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
 Cleaning with #320 sand paper and a knife to get out 
the many oopsies, like white sealant etc.
 All cleaned up.
Ready to get sealed with Teak Wonder.
 I used a paper towel, the good kind that will not fall apart.
 Using this rubber trimmer keeps the Teak Wonder off the gelcoat.
Looking good and you have seen the finished product. 
OK, here it is again!😁

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