Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL - Just ordered - Part 1 - 2018

It is about time for s\v Elegant'sea to get a rigid boom vang. 
Garhauer had the best price and Mark at Garhauer did great customer support. 

March 2018 - Currently in Marina Vallarta, Banderas Bay Mexico (Puerto Vallarta Jalisco)

We ordered ours at 49" long. It weighs about 20 lbs. So we started shopping for ways to get the vang here. We also ordered the vang with a cam cleat. Just a $14.00 extra. We will later run the line to the cockpit with a foot block.
The price of the Garhauer RIgid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL  at Garhauer is $495.00 + shipping and tax if applicable. 

In the past, we have found Todo Vela to be one of the most expensive chandleries in Puerto Vallarta. They are in La Cruz which is probably why, as La Cruz is not close to anything or not close to the city of Puerto Vallarta. We are currently at Marina Vallarta and the Zaragoza Chandlery is across the street. The chandlery SYS is at Paradise Village marina and is a lot less expensive. Both SYS and the Zaragoza are not far apart, a 20 min bus ride. They are far less expensive we have found but are closer to the city.
So anyway, at 19,342 pesos, Todo Vela’s price is over $1,000 USD at today’s exchange rate - so it is more than twice as much as the boom vang costs.
Todo Vela will only buy the boom vang and then re-sell it to you with all their added fees and mark ups.
At the SYS chandlery you can have it shipped to an address they give you in the US and they will bring it down. Cost a lot less but still pricey.
About each month in the high season both chandleries Todo Vela and SYS send a driver with a truck up to the border and pick up supplies and special orders.

We have decided to fly Debbie back to the US and she can visit family and bring back the boom vang for less than Todo Vela wants for it. So, we pay for the airline tickets, the boom vang and shipping and California tax and import duties (if needed) and still come out ahead.
 As usual, shipping to Mexico is a crap shoot. As it happens the manufacture will say “it is under warranty, just bring it in or ship it to us for replacement.” Well, not from Mexico. We can sometimes have people coming back to Mexico for the season bring us things. Anyway, just another example of the shipping to or from Mexico is a hassle.

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