Surf racks cutting\welding - back from weld shop - 2018

 We got our paddle board racks back.. These racks we originally had made in Bucerias, Mexico. We had Sebastian make these for us back in 2013.
These racks were one inch wider to fit a blow-up kayak we had. We just shortened them in width about four inches so three inches shorter in width than stock.
So if you bought these in the US they would be three inches wider. We think these not-as-wide racks will work better for our Starboard Whopper ASAP SUP.

 Middle of April 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
Currently house sitting in BuceriasPuertoVallarta, Mexico 
Weld shop.

This is their brand new shop - they moved several blocks down 
from their old location in the same neighborhood.  They are pretty close 
to the bus station and the convention center. 
Welder being asked to do some of our work by Elizabeth, 
who does the project intake.  It's helpful that she can speak some English!
Our SUP racks before being cut and re-welded. Also our boom plate to the Garhauer RIgid Boom Vang RV-20-1SL  that we want a loop welded to hold a main sheet block.
Some of the weld\fabrication shop. This shop does a lot of Marine SS work.
Here's the sign from when the building was being built.  
They are putting some finishing touches on now.

When we had the racks made we forgot to tell Sebastian to make them out of "polished SS tubing" and we got them back as brushed 1" tubing. Not a big deal. Here, when they cut and welded the racks up, they then buffed them out and they became "polished" SS racks. Just how we wanted them originally!😎
The racks back on the boat, Starboard Whopper ASAP SUP in cover and on the deck.
Starboard Whopper ASAP SUP in cover and in the racks. 
We left enough room in the racks so the SUP could be pushed out at the bottom and we could work with the spring line cleat. Also the three fins and board can slide out through the racks when launching or retrieving the SUP.

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