Head cleaning product "Mr Musculo" - 2018

 "Mr Musculo" is a soap scum remover and more. It helped loosen up embedded 
varnish so I could scrub the varnish out.

April 2018 - Currently in Marina Vallarta, Banderas Bay Mexico (Puerto Vallarta Jalisco)

 It is a super cleaner and has not hurt anything I have applied it to. It does have a toxic smell that goes away fairly quickly. This product we purchased at Commercial Mexicana..
The scrub pad I used.
 This is our shower bench and this area we use it a lot. In the marina we are in now "Marina Vallarta" the facilities are really bad and also a long walk away. We use our shower a lot and at anchor also. We did not take pictures before but the area did not shine like now. 
 The dried soap came off easily and the whole area cleaned up nicely. 
 I really did not notice the soap scum till one day the sun coming through the hatch really showed what was there. I think everyone can relate to that.  I also used this on our galley counter tops and they came out really nice.

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