Zep - Mold Mildew remover at Home Depot

This product has done a great job of cleaning up things.
For instance our "Horse Shoe Buoy" was pretty bad looking and this product cleaned it up. 
Sprayed it on and later washed it off. That is about as easy as it can get. It also cleans up "Starboard". Granted our  "Horse Shoe Buoy"  is old and still does not look new...it is way better than it was.

The cruisers that told us about this were in San Blas, Nayarit and had extensive water damage to the interior of their boat from it being on the hard all summer and evidently the person who was watching the boat, well, was not watching. They had lots of mold and mildew and this cleaned it up or mostly did.
This does not hurt colored items and seems safe to use. I just spray it on and then wait a bit and wash it off. Maybe a couple times. I can not read Spanish so I looked at the icons and I think that is what it is saying?😬
We made two of these "Starboard" fan holders for the bimini. They clean up real easy with the "Zep".
This "Starboard" holds our Garmin 740 chart plotter. We made this some years ago. It can get dirty on the ends and on top. We tried straight bleach, the kind here in Mexico which is not safe for colors. It did little...the "Zep" cleaned it up nice.

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