C.S. Osborne Automatic Awl Haft, - purchased - 2018

This C.S. Osborne Automatic Awl Haft, Steel/Wood will be of great use if we break a sail slug or need to sew something on the sails without removing the sail.
It is an item I have wanted for some time but it never made the priority list. Now it is a small item so it makes the list.😊

March 2018 - Currently in Marina Vallarta, Banderas Bay Mexico (Puerto Vallarta Jalisco)

Debbie is going to visit the US for her birthday. She will be seeing her sister and our brother-in-law and our daughter,  grandson and son-in-law. Also Debbie will bring back our solid boom vang and some small items. She will not be using any checked luggage but for the boom vang so items need to fit in the carry-on or boom vang box.

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