Two new Schrader valves installed into Mermaid 12000 btu unit

End of December 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

Debbie and I pulled out the Mermaid Marine Air and Heat 12000 BTU unit for some valve repairs.
We had other work to do in the area so removing the HVAC unit was not all for just the valves. We wanted to snake the hot water heater and hoses from the Beta 38 hp diesel engine to the heater. This meant we had to remove the HVAC unit anyway.

We purchased this C&D valve replacement tool for our Mermaid 12000 btu unit.
Mermaid said we needed to put new Schrader valves in our 12000 btu unit so it would not lose the R22 gas. Mermaid sent us the valves when we were in the US as they do not ship to Mexico.
Here we are pulling the valve out.
 Old Schrader valve.
 Comparing the old and new.
Installing new Schrader valve.
Installing new Schrader valve.
Installing new Schrader valve.
Removing C&D tool.
Ooops, I forgot to wear gloves and safety glasses while replacing the first valve.
The gas can take a finger!
So far it has only been a week so we do not know how the R22 is holding up. Plus it has been cold! We can use the heat but it will be a few more weeks before we know if this is the fix.

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