Cockpit microphone (Standard Horizon RAM 3+) installed for VHF radio

Middle of December 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

Our Standard Horizon Ram 3+ microphone is a great addition to our cockpit. The plus (+) is for extra microphone chord and more speaker volume. This mic can control all the functions on the (main/inside) Standard Horizon “Matrix” GX 2150 radio. So we can have the volume off below on the radio for when someone is sleeping during watch and have the volume up on the mic out in the cockpit for the person standing watch.

First we had to snake the cable from the nav station to the starboard cockpit area.

Debbie routed the microphone cable from the radio out to the hole we drilled. Debbie again went into the lazerett and helped with that. Then it was just a matter of connecting things and mounting the microphone. We used some black silicon to seal up the cable mount at the cockpit combing.

First off, we drilled the pilot hole for the location. Of course, that meant that Debbie had to go into the lazerett to check for anything in the way. Then it was time for the hole saw. Yet another hole in the boat!

Sanded the edges (not shown).

Debbie in lazerett.

Debbie looking out :)

Cable out the hole.

Put ferret on cable.
The two wires are for an external speaker if you want one of these also.
The mic is plenty loud and clear enough for us.

Sealed up around black mount with black silicone.

We left the tag on for now till we get used to the mic.

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