Ok, We broke down and had our mast polished!!

End of December 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

Yes, the price seemed right and we had other things to deal with. Luis Sarabia did the work from “L & A’s Full Boat Service” here in Marina Mazatlán. (669) 441 98 73.

 He and his two buddies had a good time and did a fine job. They washed the mast and sail track.

They used the “White Shark” polish we gave them to use and put on a base coat and the High Temp Polish coat. He also did the spreaders. They polished the radar mount with “Bight Boy” polish we furnished and did the side stays. They also lubed the sail track with “Mc Lube” we furnished. And also we gave them the Lazy Jacks and they threaded them through the blocks while they were doing the other work. And it was $85.00. Much less than we were quoted in Puerto Vallarta. So saved us time and it is just nice to have something done for us once in a while.

While they were working they were singing and just having a good time, as it should be!


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