Re-purposing our Edison Step

Middle of December 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

The Edison step works great for getting on and off the boat and the paddle board if we do not care to drop the stern steps for the paddle board.  It works great at the dock. Of course, we need a starboard tie which we seek out anyway for our shore power which is on the starboard.

 The brackets were already on the side of the boat and we thought of removing them but they are on the sand strip and would be hard to make the holes disappear. We did not get any step or ladder when we bout the boat (all those years ago) so we decided to put them to work for us. A fender step would work there also I think but it could not be a fender too as it would be too low. Besides the Edison step is a lot easier for us to store away.

Nothing scratches the hull and it is working fine so far. Still in the test out phase so we hold on extra tight in case something should let go or we slip or whatever. Seems real solid so far.

 We tried all kinds of ways to attach the step and finally came up with this easy way  We used 2 1\4-20 pan head bolts as suggested in the Sailnet Forum and then the two SS snap shackles that came with the Edison Step and a couple lock nuts. (The lock nut we were out of so we bummed a couple from Rick and Cindy on s/v Cool Change). We turned the snap shackles upside down and bingo we got a working step. We left the line long so we can make some loops for a quick adjustment when we go paddle boarding.

 We were using the small step we have for our feet to rest on while sitting at the helm seat but it is not all that safe for a dock step, it was doing double duty so that was nice :)

No dock steps or stools etc needed any more!

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