New Keen sandals purchased

Middle of December 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán,Mexico

  When we were in San Marcos US house sitting I some got some Keen Sandals and they fit nice.  It took several tries to get the right size.

 We signed up for “Amizon Prime” for the 30 day free trial and then cancel it as were out of the US after the 30 days were up. But while we had it we got free shipping and returns. First we ordered a size 11 as my other sandals and Crocs are size 11. They came are were too small so next we tried a size 11 1\2 but they were too small. All the time shipping back for free. We stated running out of time before returning to Mexico so we ordered size 12 and a size 13. Guess what fit. Yep the 13! SO now I know now what size to order for the Keen Sandals next time. These
Keen Sandals will keep my toes and feet from getting banged up while working on deck, sail handling etc. If I kick a stay buy accident for instance it will do no damage to my foot. They are also non marking and water proof.


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