Re-installed solar pannels from summer storage

Middle of December 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

We came back to Mazatlán on November 22. We stayed in a hotel a few days to get the boat livable again.
One of the first things we did when arriving at the boat was to put up the solar panels. They were on the setee so it was nice to get them out and up on the dodger and bimini.

 We had purchased new screws or the black plastic mounts and new nuts. We did not get enough nuts so we ended up using about 10 old screws and nuts. Most of the old crews were toast. Where they went through the aluminum frame they were eaten up by dissimilar metal. They were also hard t get off. Now we know of a better method an to store the panels away and remove them which will make it much easer and quicker next time. Also now with new screws etc they will come off and go back up easy. We covered the screws limberly with FORESPAR Lanocote Corrosion Inhibitor. Of course this gives us a chance to inspect all hardware and clean it up. We also routed some wires a bit different .

We removed the Hoe Depot tarp and put the panels up.
New screws with new lock washers and nuts 1\4 -20.
OK solar up and shaded again!

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