Reef line re-evaluated for size and order etc

End of May 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 We are looking to make our raising of the main sail and reefing of the man sail easier.
 Lubing the the sail slugs and cleaning and lubing the sail track will help.
Also re-fitting the reef lines would help. We also think that the reef lines are too big and bind in the sail gromets when raising the sail. They are also heavy to pull up with the sail.

These 1\2 " reefing lines we have now we think are too big. We have three reefing points on the main. We took off the third reef as we were not using it and it was a hole lot of line.
As you can see the line is maxing out the sheave in the block.

We have decided to get (at least at this time) the next size down for reef lines. We forget the size now but we will also get two different colors for the first and second reef.

We will also move on reef line to the other side of the boom. It was that way but we thought it may be easier if they were both on the same side. However they bind on each other that way.

New size that is smaller than the 1\2 inch reef lines we have. This size fits in the block sheave a lot nicer.

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