Barra-Bahia de Navidad to La Cruz

Beginning of May 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

We did this overnight passage on 4\15\2016 on the way north to Mazatlan.

Our passage from Barra-Bahia de Navidad to La Cruz was cold but nice. We left at dawn and got to La Cruz in early afternoon the next day. It is rare that it is cool enough for us to put up the isinglass windows on the dodger for protection from the elements, in this case the cool wind. It was even cool during the day. In the four years we have been here this in-fact was the first time we put up the dodger windows for an overnight passage. 

You can see the ship between the Achilles LSI 310E dinghy and the stern rail.

A ship did come by us as we were about 8-10 km out. The last time we came this close to a ship it was in Manzanillo and the wake rocked our boat but good. As you can see in the photo they put out a good bow wave and was doing about 15 knots by AIS. We did not get a big wake, maybe because it looked partly empty.

Pacific Ocean :)


We decided not to stop at Chamela (Perula Bay) and instead went straight for La Cruz. The passage around Cape Corrientes was its usual lumpy self but at 2:00 AM it was a lot better than when we went south from La Cruz. We went around Cape Corrientes at about 10:00 PM on the way South with a nice sail to Cape Corrientes but on the other side it got ugly!

Debbie looking good as always! 
(She says this is her impersonation of "Paddington Bear"!)

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