New electronics switch installed

Beginning of May 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 While anchored in Las Hadas (3\82016) anchorage we changed out the electronics switch since this is what we determined to be the problem for our Garmin GPS/chartplotter not working.

 The first switch we bought was a temporary switch, you had to hold it in place. Not what we wanted or usable. It took us a over month to get back to the Las Hadas chandlery.

Las Hadas chandlery.

Las Hadas chandlery fishing calendar.

 When we went to return it they did not have a simple on\off switch. They did have the bilge pump type switch, the on\off\temporary-on switch. Because it was more than thirty days we could not get a refund and any switch was better than no switch. 

The old 30 amp breaker switch that was an intermittent problem. 

This breaker was what was giving us a fit. It worked "sometimes" but not others. It was an original 30 amp breaker that we connected our Blue Seas Marine fuse panel to that we have our Garmin electronics connected to.

This switch is rated 25 amps. We also changed the fuse to the fuse block to 25 amps as it was 30 amps.

Three position switch, which we will change out again once we get a two postilion switch, off\on :) but this works so all is good for the rest of cruising season.

Also the screw sizes were smaller so Debbie had to put new 
solder-less terminal ends on the wires.

New switch tests out good.

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