Elegant'sea is ready for the summer of 2016

End of May 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 It is sure nice to have two finger piers, one on each side. We have not had this since San Diego 4-5 years ago. Anyway, we have put all we wanted to away and have covered all we can. We will probably use the Shadetree boat awning systems as we are doing now for future use, if all goes well this summer. The fiberglass hollow poles that hold the Shadetree boat awning systems up just keep breaking. We are tired of fixing them. One summer when we had a car we bought PVC pipe and constructed a frame to reinforce the Shadetree boat awning systems. This worked well but what do you do with all the PVC after the summer is over? We gave some away or threw it out. So this setup has a lower profile and so less wind-age. It is easy enough to walk to the bow if need be because you can just unclip the black clips on the way up and the Shadetree boat awning systems drops away from the rail. We also think it may work better at anchor for the bow to get shade this way. It is nice to have some shade over the hatches for taking a siesta! 

                   The kayak is under the Shadetree on the bow.

Debbie covered the furler with silver insulation and the running lights. 
No sense having the sun beat on them all summer.
Here we are in the process of putting up a Home Depot tarp on the bimini. 
We took all the canvas down - cleaned and folded away.
All done being covered. Helps keep the sun, rain and bird poop off.
We have Tony's Boat Management when we are away.
As you can see we took off all four solar panels. We cleaned them and put them away. We will put new fasteners in the clamps that hold them on. This time we will use some dis-similar metal goop on them. Some were hard to get off after 5 + years.
We also took off our string of solar lights around the cockpit. These were to help the pangas from running into us. We are thinking of a new light system. Blue lights, one on the stern, bow and one on the dodger that will come on with a light sensor. That sensor will also turn on the anchor light. This will eliminate the Home Depot solar yard light we put on the bow. It works sometimes and falls into the sea or I knock it into the drink sometimes. Anyway another project.

Debbie saw this on another boat that was "put away" for the summer - pipe insulation around the halyards that go up into the mast.  It was easy to install and will protect the halyards from the elements all summer!
We decided against taking off the Air Breeze wind generator blades
 as "they say" they will take up to 110 MPH winds. Most boats left them on.
Furler block Debbie covered.
We put the cockpit teak grate on the bed and then the Froli bed systems and the foam mattress on the top of it and then some just plain stuff.
Sails in the head.
Defrosted and cleaned out the refer/freezer. 
We ate good then had to give some stuff away to a boat neighbor.
Turned off the propane bottles and bled the line.
Here we are setting up the de-humidifier. We have it draining into the bilge. The other way people do it is to drain it into the sink. That way you need to leave the sink thru-hole valve open. With draining into the bilge we have all our thru-hull valves under the water line closed. The normal humidity is between 35 and 45 percent. We set this at 43 percent. Too low and dry like up in San Carlos in the sea of Cortez and it can crack wood. Too high like here in Mazatlan could create mold.
I am checking things out.

This is the first time we decommissioned the boat for an extended leave - it was a lot of work however well worth it since this is our only home with all of our belongings...we had to protect everything as best we could!

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