Boarding ladder

Beginning of June 2016 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlan, Mexico

 This Edson Step with the lines going up to the stanchions even with chafe protection wrecked the Cetaol on the cap rail. Also it was a bit more work to hang it. I admit not much but still. So we had brackets on the side of the boat from the PO and we decided we may-as-well use them.

This step is great for getting on\off the paddle board or for guests with hard bottom dinghy's. Hard bottom dinghy's mess with our stern steps.

This is just a temporary set up because the lines can slip off. It does however show prof of concept. 
The Edson Step does work in this setup it is just not safe as the lines can slip off.

We wil elberate on this setup and re-post the final setup.

Stove bolts we used to fit in brackets.

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