Varnishing the stateroom hanging locker louvered doors

End of June 2015 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
We are currently house sitting in Bucerias.

Started varnishing the stateroom hanging locker louvered doors

These take some time to do. This one is all sanded and washed with TSP.

Putting on the first coat of diluted varnish.

No A/C in here and it is hot. In the 90's and high humidity. 
Varnish still seems to do great, not me so much. 
I have to be careful not to drop sweat into the work.

OK not bad :)

I put  coat two on the back side also.

We will not get these two door done before our house sitting job is done. We had just too many things going at the same time, bet you know that feeling. We do (as it stands now) have another house sitting gig at the first of the month. We will then finish off these. We will have four coats on them before we start the new gig.

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