Kayak recived - new lock, cable and seats ordered.

s\v Elegant'sea is tied up in the Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
Beginning of June 2015

We are currently house  sitting  in Bucaries for Tony  and  Ronnie. We purchased  our Ocean  Kayak  " Malibu Two"model from the Bucerias email group after Debbie  placed an add for one. We were in Barra de Navidad  at the time. Tony and  Ronnie took delivery of this used kayak for us after we paid for it with PayPal. Now we are getting the "extras".  We have purchased two new seats and a dry hatch which Mike and Michelle are bring back from the US for us. 
Our  Ocean  Kayak  " Malibu Two" sitting at Tony  and  Ronnie's house in Bucerias Mexico by Puerto Vallarta.

We just came back from Home Depot in Puerto Vallarta  with a new combination  cable  lock and a 15 ft cable.  Theses you can see  being tested in the picture for ease of use.This will enable us to lock up the kayak when going to shore using it instead of the dinghy.

Comfort - these are the seats that came with the rental we had and were not bad for an hour or so of paddling. Our buts got sore though as we were sitting on the hard kayak.
Our used kayak came with one of these.
A tip we got was to get a gardening knee pad from Home Depot and cut it to fit for a seat or for use under a seat for added padding.
Comfort Pro Backrest - our used kayak came with one of these also.
Comfort Tech - we purchased two of these.
For instance in Acapulco we can use the kayak and then lock  it while we take a bus off  to  the movies. We have nice  paddles already and life vests. The paddles and  little seats that came with the used kayak we can use for a trip off to the movies as  they are kind of expendable.  This is not say  they would disappear. We have  in all our travels in our three plus years here in Mexico not once have ever ever had a problem with theft.Of course we do the prudent things  like locking things up. The old paddles do not come apart so we will drill a hole on each one so we can run a small cable through them and leave them  with the kayak  on the beach.

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