Stern shower re-done

End of June 2015 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
We are currently house sitting.

So, the first stern shower we installed has never worked the way we wanted it to - it just dribbles out. It is, we think, because it is hot and cold water. The white hose that connects to the stern shower first connects to a T where the boats hot/cold water 1/2" hose connects and where the boats 1/2" cold water hose connects.  After the T splits the water (restricting it) then goes into the white 1/2" hose and is split all the way to the shower head, hot in one side and cold in the other (restricting it). So it never worked well. We have another wash down connection like the one we have at the bow for washing down the anchor rode. We are installing it here for a stern shower that will actually work, but with just cold water. Here in Mexico, most of the time cold water is just fine. In our nice head shower we have hot and cold if we need to go for a full blown shower.

Stern shower.

What the stern shower looks like (did) on the inside of the rear starboard lazerett. You can see the T and white hose that you pull out (the white hose) when you use the shower.

Looks good!

Now we have a hole to deal with. Probably some round starboard 
and then installing the wash down into that outside in the cockpit.

Wash down connected to 1\2" hose that is running from under the galley sink. 
We have two hoses - one for hot, the other for cold coming from under the galley sink.
 We will now remove the hot water hose and we can re-purpose it for our bow wash down, and A/C units" fresh water rinse we are installing.

This is the wash down in the lazerett. 
This will be mounted where the shower was. 
This was just for test of concept, will it work for our needs etc.

Will be in cockpit.

As you can see the house water pump that we used on the stern shower 
with no luck now works great with the wash down. There is no T now
or split white hose to restrict the water. No hot water either though. 
Like I said, the hot water on the stern shower
 is not an issue at least for us in the Mexican Riviera.

Aaaa...a nice shower to wash off the sea life and salt water after a swim 
or freshen up after a kayak or paddle board outing! 

When cleaning the bottom we usually put the hot water heater on as we are running the Honda 2000 generator to power the DeWalt air compressor. This gave us a nice hot water shower in the head. In fact we did not use our Sun Shower once this last 6 months straight at anchor! Our head shower is so nice and even a cold water shower is nice in there. We actually just use enough hot water to make the shower water a bit warmer than cold....just to take the bite out of the cold water. In this climate, that is all we need.

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