Re-worked reefing lines

Beginning of June 2015 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 Our reefing system could be better. Debbie had to do more work then necessary to raise, lower and reef the main sail.

We moved the second reef line to the starboard side and then moved the Garhauer block on the boom to under the slit on the sail cover, where it should be.

We do not keep a reef line in the third reef as it is hard to manage raising and lowering the sail. It is along line and we have never needed it. If we went some where where we thought we might need it then we can put it up on the sail. For instance, if we to cross the Gulf of Tehuantepec we would put it in just in case.

The line tied around the boom will go through the eye with a stopper knot. It is for the second reef line. Having it tied around the boom is not a bad way to have the second reef or any reef line attached. It works as a stop when reefing and is stronger than a eye. It is just a dirt collector and makes cleaning the boom hard and chafing can take the paint off the boom. 

Port side with third reef line.

Garhauer block removed from boom.

New screw holes drilled and tapped, oops messed up one!

Not knowing what to do with the empty screw 
holes so we put screws back in them.

New third reef  block location.

Starboard side with first and second reef lines.

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