Kato Marine Island Davit Motor wiring?

End of June 2015 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Ok, the dinghy davit motor is missing a Solenoid box. We are in Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We received this motor from some cruisers who brought it down just before we left to go cruising this last season. No time to install it. We were anchored out for 6 months and did 1000 nm. We just got back for hurricane season and started to install this motor.

We took the Kato Marine Island Davits to the weld shop and got a motor mount welded onto the starboard davit. We ran the two # 8 awg wires and were about to grab the solenoid when we noticed yikes, it is missing! So now what? Well we are copying Danny and Deborah on s/v Cyclades, as they have done this same thing. So we went to dinner over on their boat and we brought our motor. As it stands, our motor will not work without the remote or the solenoid which controls the remote. So they (Danny) just used a switch and put some alligator clips on the end of the wires. He clips them on the two terminals on the motor. Then flips the switch and up comes the dinghy. If you reverse the wires, down goes the dinghy.

It works and ours could work the same way but…we were hoping to have something more permanent. Like the wires bolted to the motor and protected from the weather.
Now to find a way to get an up-down-off switch hooked to the motor if you need to reverse the wires on the terminals to control direction?

If not, or even so, is there a way to get a remote to work or the one that came with the motor? The motor was purchased from Harbor Freight.

OK I hear you about to say - keep it simple with the raising of the dinghy. We are keeping our old system of block and tackle just in case of a failure. We do use the dinghy a whole lot and each time it comes up and then down. This is the motor, dinghy wheels, gas tank end so it is rather heavy and we do not want to downsize the dinghy and motor etc. I have a bad hip and do not want to stop cruising because of it until it is replaced.
We sent an inquiry into the Sailnet forums to see what answers there are.

Thinking of adding a box for a switch.

Danny's system.

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