Garmin under deck autopilot drive A rudder sensor broken

Middle of June 2015 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Debbie sat in the lazerett and tested our Garmin GHC 10 class A under deck autopilot unit with a multimeter. The rudder sensor went out on us leaving Acapulco this last season. The rudder sensor as it turn out is dead. Now for the warranty replacement issues ect.

The black pins were what was tested for resistance.

Full Extension - .5 kOhm

Full Retraction - 9.5 kOhm

If you do not get these values, then the built-in rudder feedback sensor has failed and we'll either need to replace the entire drive unit or provide you with a GRF 10 external rudder feedback sensor to install.

We did not get these values.
So we are working to get a GRF 10 external rudder feedback sensor to install, under warranty. If not the price is about $250.00 USD. Getting the drive A unit back to the US for replacement\repair is next to impossible from mainland Mai land Mexico..

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