Dinghy davits welded at Elario Gonzalez

Beginning of June 2015 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Taler De Torno Gonzalez - Facebook
tel 322 293 4848

 Our Kato Marine Island Davits are getting (we hope) the last modifications this season. We are adding an electric motor mount, moving two cleats, moving two cam cleats and adding skids to the bottom of each davit.

This big shop is in Puerto Vallarta (PV) down past the 
Costco and in by El Pitillal.. 

SS bus stop.
The directions we got included "look for the stainless steel bus stop" but after we found the shop we saw the bus stop hiding in trees :)

Everything on the building is Stainless Steel (SS). All the railings and seats and fixtures are SS. It is very clean and like always everyone is very nice. The pricing is great and the work seems excellent. 

 The person we dealt with - Enrique -  who did the actual welding, spoke English. We chose to bring the work to the shop for a nice price savings. They do come to the marinas. We made several trips to discuss each step and each time stopped at Costco for a frozen yogurt lunch.

A SS boat hanging by the entrance. 
There is lots of SS eye candy about. Art work in SS.

You can see a couple of custom SS boat wheels
 on the floor wrapped with newspapers along with other goodies.

Some SS art.

We were going to pick up our Kato Marine Island Davits on Monday but they called on Friday saying everything needed to be picked up right away. They had gotten called away by Carlos Slim (who owns Telcel) and have to go work on his (super) yacht ... in La Paz. They drive up to Mazatlan and then driving onto the ferry. This says something for their work as he is the richest man in Mexico and uses only them (that I know of) for SS work.

Some SS art.

Some SS art.

Our Kato Marine Island Davits which are "Some SS art" :)

Talking over the motor mount with Enrique.

We printed out some pictures of the davits 
while they were on the boat so "Enrique"
 could better understand what we wanted.

Partial template for the skid we wanted for the bottom.

New location for cam cleats and SS cleats.

One of the guys hamming it up :)

What they put on the buffing wheel to polish the SS.

Debbie doing some financials!!

Some of the shop - it was very clean!

Some parts ready for pick up. 

King posts on shelf.

Art work.

More SS art work - Enrique made this for his brother.

Most everything is made from SS here.

Debbie with some of the parts to be fabricated.

Looks good. Just placed on the mount.

One of the skids...davits back on the boat and they fit well!

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