Passage to Tenacatita from Chamela

Tenacatita, Mexico  12\13\2014

 We had a nice sail for over half the way to Tenacatita from Chamela. The winds were light with about 12 knots apparent. We were averaging about 4 knots so that was fine. The seas were a bit more mixed and at a shorter length - about 8 sec instead of the 13 sec as "advertised". 2-5' more like it but we had a nice sail.

 We tried some new techniques with the autopilot and furling and reefing and that was good.

The other half of the passage was motor sailing and the Beta did just great. There is a bit of an oil spattering coming from the oil change pump I will need to look into at a later time.
Our passage took about 10 hours all told. You cannot account for the fish nets and some tacks out of the way!

While underway, we used our Spectra Watermaker Ventura 200T to make almost 75 gallons of water!  It worked like a charm, loving the strong voltage from the solar panels then from the engine when we motored.  

 We almost hit a fish net that turned out to be about a mile long. Darn things are hard to spot. It took quick action from Debbie and I to avoid it! We have another fish net story but for another post it is.

Here you see the beginning of the fish net with the flag on it. Most times the fish nets are not marked at all with a flag at the start. This time there was a flag at the start and a panga at the end. We saw the panga and started looking for net. Sure enough there it was and was marked every so often with a see-through plastic bottle or small cork. Hard to see even in day light and a calm sea.

We will probably rest here for a couple days and then sail over to Barra-Bahia de Navid where we will provision and re-evaluate our anchor rode. Our chain is at some points slipping out of the gypsy. Seems it may be just too worn in some spots. I was hoping to get this season out of it. Any way that’s another post. We do have another rope rode and we will evaluate using it instead til the “fat man sings” with some dough to get more new chain.

When anchored in Barra-Bahia de Navida lagoon we will set up the dinghy and go visit Dominique on s\v Meridian which is in the Grand Isla Navidad Resort marina there in Barra-Bahia de Navida.

Looking out towards Bahia de Tenacatita.

Tucked in close so no flopper-stopper needed!

The local camping ground with a 
'Jungle Tour" up the river you cannot see because it is 
behind the bend that is behind the rocks :)

Looking out our galley window.

Looking out our galley window.

Looking out our galley window. Again most all these anchorages have miles of beautiful beaches and you can hear the waves on the beach which is real nice.

We arrived and were greeted with a Dolphin pod that hung 
around for a while right up close and almost touchable.

Debbie in Tenacatita, Mexico.

m\v Easy in Chamela, Mexico.

Before we left Chamela, on our last beautiful day of three we spent there, three other boats anchored there. Two motor yachts and a sail boat. 

m\v Easy in Tenacatita, Mexico.

One was m\v Easy and it is here in Tenacatita, Mexico with us. Debbie hailed them on the VHF and she said they are from Long Beach, California and are headed to Barra-Bahia de Navidad\ Grand Isla Navidad Resort for their 6 months of winter then back to Long Beach.

Here's a short YouTube video about the Grand Bay Hotel in Barra. 

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