SSB - Tenacatita

12\4\2014 Tenacatita, Mexico


Just before we left Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico for Chamela (Perula Bay) we were taking down our Shadetreeboat awning systems and our SSB antenna wire fell off the back stay were it was clamped on. It was corroded. We stripped it and replaced onto the back stay.
In Chamela we had no problem checking into Amigo net (6.227) mHz but here in Tenacatita we cannot hear much but static. We think it is because we are tucked in by the hills.
There is a VHF net here which starts at 9:00 AM on channel 22a but we do not know if it is started up yet, guess we could start it up if there is any one around?

We are one of two boats in Tenacatita now. This anchorage can have up to 60 boats in it and usually a couple dozen. It is too early for the snow birds to migrate here I think. Probably after the holidays they will arrive en mass. They will stay for four months and migrate back. When they are here it is a happening place. Botchy ball, Mexican train dominos and other games on shore every day long with the “Mayor’s raft up” every Friday evening. Guess Debbie and I are the King and Queen now of Tenacatita!

Anchored in Tenacatita.

We are enjoying the quiet and peace of the place. On the way back up the coast we will most likely hit the crowd so each has it’s fun factors.
While in Chamela it was busy and a bit noisy with dogs barking and kids (locals) on the beach etc but it was a festive noise.

So here it is quite different (at this time) and each anchorage has it’s own vibe.

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