Solstice Tracker kayak – Junk!

End of December 2014 Manzanillo 

This was taken in La Cruz anchorage.
Our Solstice Tracker kayak has turned out to be a piece of junk. It has proven to be a constant pain. It will not stay inflated, it develops leaks for no apparent reason. We (Debbie) is constantly repairing the leaks and parts of the kayak that come apart. For instance the keels were falling off. 

This was taken in La Cruz anchorage.

The original glue just does not hold them on. The fore and aft decks are coming off. The seams come apart creating leaks! We have taken very good care of this Solstice Tracker kayak and thought it was a good idea, an inflatable kayak. OK I have changed my mind. It is just taking too much time and effort and $$ for glue to try to keep it going. Now a valve is leaking and we think beyond repair. We will probably throw it away (give to a local) for target practice.

This was taken in La Cruz anchorage.

We purchased this Solstice Tracker kayak from West Marine San Diego, Cal.

We thought that with our 36’ sail boat a blow-up Solstice Tracker kayak that we could keep deflated and stowed would be great for going around such places as Cape Cabo Corientes where the weather and seas can kick up any time. 

This was in Chamela (Perula Bay) 2014, where it did will not stay inflated.

We deflate it and store it away off deck. Then when we are ready to use it we inflate it. This has just not worked. We are ready for a sturdy kayak and we will lash it to the fore deck when doing the Cape Cabo Corientes passage or other like passages. Other times we will keep it on our life line kayak racks. We have also found we want to use the kayak in the summer at Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico. Paradise Village Marina offers us free kayak use but they require you to go out to the beach. We would like to be free to use it however and when ever we like. We also would not feel the need to cover it from the harsh sun as we do with the blow up kayak.

 This Solstice Tracker kayak also has a couple flaws I think. One is the keels is not very deep. This allows the wind to blow you across the anchorage on your way back to boat.
The seat backs are too short and my back aches when done paddling.

This has been very disappointing as we now are not in an area where we could purchase another kayak if we could. We are hoping as more cruisers get down into the Mexican Rivera we may find a used Ocean Kayak for sale.

Our next kayak will NOT be an inflatable! We are currently looking at the “Ocean Kayak “
They do sell these at Zaragoza Chandlery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico although we prefer not to purchase “new”. Probably the Malibu model for two.
Length 12 ft Width 34”.

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