Anchor rode re-build\switch - 2

2014 Middle of December in Barra-Bahia de Navidad

We went into Grand Isla Navidad Resort Marina for a day to sort out our anchor rode and chain.

We borrowed a angle grinder from Eric and Karen (hope we got their names correct!) 
on s\v Miha, a Vagabond 43'  boat that was built in San Diego.

                                                  s\v  Miha in the foreground

Trying to get the courage to cut the chain off

We were able to save about 55' of the 3\8 chain. The other 100 + feet of chain we tossed. Well, actually, we gave it to a dock worker who was glad to get it.

We  measured till we got to .350 as any lower we could not justify. As it is with my understanding 0.400 is what a 3\8 chain should measure. Some places on the old chain did measure that. 3\8 (would be.375) so we could go .350 (a couple thousandths less and be OK) but not any less than that. This now will be a back up rode. So the chain rode we were using is now back up. It is 125' of three strand spliced to the 55' of cut off chain. Good for 6.1 in a 25' anchorage.

Still all together.

Here we go!

Ouch ouch!

Wire tie marked the spot.

Looks good inside, too bad it was too small in thickness and stretched out.

The tools of the trade :)

 We washed off the chain and dropped it into the chain locker. Then we set up the 8 plait line and connected it to the anchor. Put the anchor back on the bow and were ready to leave for the fuel dock the next day and then Las Hadas in Manzanillo.

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