Las Hadas, Manzanillo - re-anchored

12\23\2014 Las Hadas, Manzanillo

Well we were thwarted from leaving Las Hadas by the weather. Some rain and possible thunderstorms are coming in and we think it wise to wait a day or so to let them pass. No sense getting caught up in a violent thunder storm or two if we can wait here and enjoy our selves. 

Today we swam at anchor and I cleaned the bottom using the snorkel. In Zihuatanejo we will clean it proper with the dive gear.

 By keeping moving it was not too bad. Plus the colder water helps. It is still just board short temperature though :)

The water is clear (not like in Paradise Village Marina or Barra lagoon)!

First we re-anchored. We chose a spot by the marina and beach. 
Tucked into a corner.

We put out 150 ft or rode and backed down 
to 2,000 rpms to power set the anchor (as usual).

Then we retrieved the rode till we had 120' so it is 5.1 at 20 - 25'.

A floaty line with a flat fender make good swim gear.

 We then took a salt water bath on the swim steps 
and went inside for a fresh water rinse (we made water all day 
so we are ok there).

As we ate lunch, we watched a matinee, an episode of  “Judge John Deed” a British series.

Tonight it will be probably some “Sleepy Hollow “and maybe a “Haven” with some reading and guitar thrown in.

Life goes on a'cruising!

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