B' day party in Barra-Bahia de Navidad

12\13\2014 - Barra-Bahia de Navidad Lagoon

 Had fun at the birthday celebration of Eulalie of s/v Elizabeth Jean, along with her mate Eric and other cruisers at the restaurant "Bamboo" in town in Barra.  

Here's the crew of s/v Meridian - Heinz, Dominique and Margarit.

Here's the crew of s/v French Curve - Mark and Cheryl

Here's the crew of s/v Elegant'sea - Debbie and Chip (!!)

This is fish soup. They put the whole fish in the soup. 
You can see the eye staring back at you.

Eric arranged to have cake from the downstairs bakery - what a treat!!

It was explained to us that this is not how birthdays are celebrated in Mexico but the cake was made special.  Eric wanted "Happy Birthday" written as "Feliz Cumpleanos" yet the decorator translated it into English!!  The candles he brought were extra special! 

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