Barient 28 winches re-visited

October 2014 Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Barient 28 winches
 The starboard winch was sticking up where you put the winch handle in about a 1/4 inch or so. This was not correct and made it a bit testy getting the winch handle under the stern rail. Sooo..apart it came this summer for re-work. Last summer we completely dissembled them both and cleaned and greased them up and it made a world of difference.

What we found was one spring had come lose out of the flapper that breaks the winch from spinning back. The winch still worked but was doomed to fail at a most un-opportune time :)

The little flapper in my hand.

I am putting the spring back in the flapper.

This is it and hoping I got it right this time :)

he box is so I do not drop stuff over the side.

Did a few tests and all seems fine this time.

These are not our videos and we never watched these videos but I thought it may be handy for some one else doing this job.

From some one on YouTube.

From some one on YouTube.

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