The little diesel pump for the Racor filters - 6

End of October 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 We decided to give the diesel pump a test to make sure it was going to work.
Also we wanted to check out the flow rate from the pump.

In the directions it said not to install pump further than 12" from the fuel tank. 

Well this is a boat and that was not going to happen as there is no place 12" by the fuel tank to install the pump. This pump is about 10' from the fuel tank but lower than the tank so hat may be a help.

Here is the pump working and the flow rate is very good. It will not fill the Racor filters too fast making it difficult to not over flow it and is fast enough to get the job done quickly. Just right!

This is the only job the pump is to do and so it will not be used all that much. It could also be used to help bleed the system if need be but this system (The Beta engine) is easy to bleed so I do not think it would be used for that. Besides the Racor filters do not like having fuel pushed through them but that would not damage them for bleeding purposes. Any way this seems so far to be exactly what we wanted. Of course this project dragged on as it took longer and got more involved as time passed. We will hook up a couple more fuel hoses we bought next week and run some tests with the Racor filters and engine run time and then it will be finished! 

Up date!

 We got it finished but not tested with the engine etc yet.

All done!

You see the "T" there.

The switch to the left and pump center-right. We could only get one hose clamp on each end of the pump but seeing as it will not be used but for topping off the Racor filters it is not a big deal. 

Lets go!

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  1. It might be a good idea to put a plug into the fuel line, just in case you accidentally hit the switch by accident.