Air Breeze wind generator up and running again

October 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico\

  The Air Breeze wind generator is up and running again!
 Our Air Breeze quit working over a year ago. We had to move it from the mast it was mounted on at the stern because it was a pain to keep tying it off as the wind changed. We finally tested it all out to find the electrical board inside was not working. Then to get it repaired. We were going to do it but it was still under warranty and the board was a bit pricey at about $250.00 plus getting it to Mexico. So we waited till Debbie took a trip to the US and she brought the Air Breeze with here, then shipped it for repair etc.

While re-mounting the Air Breeze wind turbine we decide to make an improvement on the battery connections. We bought a couple of battery post connections with studs on them from the SYS chandlery here at Paradise.

Putting on the negative battery connection. Like the dew? Cut it myself this summer!
As you can see we have two posts on each Master Volt Marine battery (AGM).
That is two positive and two negative each being a different type. This makes it ice for the Air Breeze Turbine connection.

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