The little diesel pump for the Racor filters - 3

October 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

You see the one of two filters we are using. This is our every day filter.

The right filter is in case the left goes bad.

This is junk from the fuel tank. Our diesel in our tank has been polished last summer but the tank has no access port for cleaning. They did the best they could but as you can see there is some sediment that comes into the filters over time and bouncing around. The fuel filter on our Beta engine will pick this up.

As it sits now we have the pump mounted. The switch is installed and wired. The pump turns on and will run. Now to do the plumbing.

The pump came with a filter which you see on the left of the pump. The pump states in bold upper case print not to run the pump without the filter. We were originally planning top just let of the diesel fuel pass through the pump and when we needed to use the pump to re-fill the filters turn it on. As you can see from the Racor filter the sediment may clog the filter to the pump or the pump over time. There is no replacement for the filter to the pump. So we decide to run a bypass so the diesel fuel goes to the Beta engine.

 This is the bypass valve we purchased and some fittings for this purpose.

This was recommended to use to seal the threads on the fittings.

Now a trip to the local automotive store to pick up some more fuel line and we are ready. Debbie already picked up the SS hose clamps.

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